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You can browse our New York State of medical specialist by Specialty or do a search for a specific person in the state of New York. Our doctors search page, for just New York State, lets you search by gender, languages spoken, primary specialty, secondary specialty, group practice, acms certification, medical school, their major activity (what they do primarily), and attending hospital.

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Voted Best New York Doctor

Nicole Ester Cohen Addad17.000000
Martin Roger Post26.500000
Paula Del Regno16.000000
Farokh E Tarapore45.000000
Dalan Read35.000000
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1. Martin Roger Post
    Specialty: Cardiology
    Views: 37733
2. Samantha Vivian Boardman
    Specialty: Psychiatry
    Views: 25313
3. Howard Neal Ziegler
    Specialty: General Practice
    Views: 6282
4. Jonathan W M Gold
    Specialty: Internal Medicine
    Views: 6203
5. Denis Norman Lusignan
    Specialty: Surgery
    Views: 6007
6. Francisco Montano
    Specialty: Pediatrics
    Views: 5804
7. Fatimah Ann Tahil
    Specialty: Psychiatry
    Views: 5663
8. Matthew Wayne Shawl
    Specialty: Otolaryngology
    Views: 5379
9. Nora Haddad Farkouh
    Specialty: Pediatrics
    Views: 5371
10. Adam David Zeitlin
    Specialty: Other
    Views: 5319
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Most Reviewed

1. Samantha Vivian Boardman
    Specialty: Psychiatry
    User Reviews of Physician: 1019
2. Farokh E Tarapore
    Specialty: Psychiatry
    User Reviews of Physician: 107
3. Denis Norman Lusignan
    Specialty: Surgery
    User Reviews of Physician: 104
4. Dalan Read
    Specialty: Pediatrics
    User Reviews of Physician: 17
5. Martin Roger Post
    Specialty: Cardiology
    User Reviews of Physician: 12
6. B Nelly Szlachter
    Specialty: Obstetrics & Gynecology
    User Reviews of Physician: 6
7. Rengena E Chan Ting
    Specialty: Geriatrics
    User Reviews of Physician: 5
8. Nora Haddad Farkouh
    Specialty: Pediatrics
    User Reviews of Physician: 4
9. Edward Zachary Schaye
    Specialty: Psychiatry
    User Reviews of Physician: 3
10. Joseph J Abularrage
    Specialty: Pediatrics
    User Reviews of Physician: 3
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